Digital Stream DTX9950 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Ah, another Digital Stream box and another disappointed. No need to worry about making a decision on this one though as it is already sold out everywhere. Seriously, there are millions of people who needs converter boxes and for some reason manufacturers just can't seem to keep up, talking about losing a lot of potential profit. We were not impressed with this and therefore are glad that there aren't anymore available for sale. It is to bad for the people that already have it though. Money wasted on an inferior product.

Product Details: Picture quality, probably the most important feature in our book and something that seems pretty simple for most companies to excel out, not this one though. The picture quality for it is simply not on par with that of most other government certified boxes.  When watching standard definition content there is are some very obvious picture flaws, such as stretching of images and a blur. If you switch to HD content it is very good, but come on, what HD content isn't good? Only a few of the over-the-air channels will be HD so it's almost impossible to avoid SD content and the subsequent blurring that you will experience. Sound quality is a no brainer and something simple that every converter box does well at, so the fact that this ones is pretty good doesn't really mean all that much.

The feature set of that the DTX9950 comes with is pretty standard. It's got your regular stuff but nothing special. A channel guide that comes with info for live and scheduled shows but nothing eye popping here. It does come with analog pass-through, which is good. Three other standard features that you will want, and it has, are manual and individual tuning options, a digital signal strength meter, and closed captioning adjust ability.

Just an average buy here. The upgrade to include the pass-through function is nice but with the picture quality issues it really hampers our rating of it. And to, on top of that they are asking for $60 for it. That's too much money for almost any box out there. With Some other boxes selling for less and getting all the right features its simple to let this one go.

Digital Stream DTX9950

Features & Specs

Analog Pass-Through
V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
Energy Star Compliant
English, French, and Spanish Language Support

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
Coaxial Cable
User Booklet


  1. I bought two of these units, and they are VERY nice in my opinion. The picture quality is great, easy to use, and the universal remote is a HUGE bonus. The only glitch I found is that the "universal remote" function won't work on my Emerson or Magnovox TV's??? (I tried to program them for hours, but no luck...) Fortunately my two main TV's are Panasonic, and everything works perfect with them. I'll be trying two different brand converters with my other TV's, but the universal remote option is a MUST for me.

  2. I've bought 5 of these and in less than a year, TWO of them have died. In both cases the power LED is dimly lit, but the unit simply won't power up.

    When I called for a replacement under warranty, they made me go thru a half-hour process to convince them it really was dead. At which point they wanted to know if I had another TV on which to try [the whole process again]! It was unbelievable!

    I strongly recommend you do not buy any digital stream product.

  3. It stopped working after 6 months of use!
    Not heavy use. Piece of junk!

  4. 1 year warranty, how can i do it on computer.

  5. why is it that pix channel 11 line up is all ways mixed up with channel 11-3 I have to go to ch 11 to find out what is playing on the channel that I am watching on 11-3 this is a on going problum. now going into it's second month.

  6. What is the value of c12?

  7. Pretty crummy unit. Should be priced at $25 instead of $60. The remote control is worth $9.
    Instead they charge $25 and $5ship for a replacement. Odds of breaking the remote? For a man 70% for a woman (lighter touch) 30%

    Get a better product. I have two. Mine is fine, husband's broke remote.

  8. a black box pops up on certain channels at certain times, and we arent sure what is wrong with it. it makes it difficult to watch tc the box takes about half of the screen. happening to anyone else?

  9. Only buy a NEW one; not a USED one.

    All the earlier DTX9900's have the same marginal power supply. So does many of the early DTX9950's.

    The originally installed capacitor #29 on the power supply board "explodes" due to long term heat damage. The top of the capacitor is scored, so that the explosion is directed upwards.

    Apparently the subcontractor for Digital Stream used a batch of defective capacitors for the entire run of these power supplies.

    The long term solution would be replacement of the 330uf 16v 105 degrees capacitor with one made by another manufacturer. Better yet, one with a 25v rating would be even better.

    Digital Stream secretly redesinged the power supply and the main board in July 2009 for the 9950 when they used up all of the older power supplies.

    The NEW ones are very reliable.

    Other than the power supply problem the Digital Stream models have a lot of good features.

  10. No digital(optical) out

  11. My first Digital Stream DTX9950 Conbox stayed on until I turned it off. When it died I replaced it with another Digital Stream and it shuts off in the middle of timer recording. Is there some way to change it to remain on longer than 2 hours?

  12. What can you say, more of the same from Digital Stream. Heat issues, weak tuner.
    Drill out the vent holes and don't put anything on top of it if you want it to live longer.
    Make sure you have a big antenna to feed this thing, the tuner barely picks up anything.

    The Zenith DTT901 trounces this thing.

  13. Compared to all other converter boxes w/remote I find it superior. Once all menu functions are set you only need the associated remote to operate the unit. Had mine since purchased with the gov't coupon.

  14. My friend and I have the DTX9950 (06C08 and 07D08). So far, they are still working. I shall make note of the cap problem and obtain some of these soon, just in case.

    I found this blog while searching on my friend’s DTX9950. The remote just died. He recalled not seeing the Volume Bar onscreen recently. Apparently, the remote was beginning to die then.

  15. How do I download the manual???? just takes me different sites for other crap...


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