Access HD DTA1010U Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Another TV converter box comes, and quickly another one goes. This box was only available for a short period of time and it very quickly sold out. Not because it was overly popular but for reason we aren't sure of. This is another one of those one Access HD came out with that was just about the same as all of their other boxes. This quickly upgrade and put it out of production.

Product Details: When discussing the sound and picture quality we concluded that it is exactly the same as the other Access HD boxes out there. It appears all of the boxes house just about the exact same parts so it's not surprise that this one also provides its watchers with an experience the is reminiscent of watching a DVD. At a cost of under $60 you can get it for pretty cheap after using your $40 of free money from the government. The only major difference we could find with this TV converter box was related to its antenna capabilities listed below. With them it makes it better than previous versions and a decent but.

The Access HD DTA1010U comes with an very good electronic programming guide. The guide shows details of current and upcoming future programs. It also comes with a universal remote control that can be used for the converter box and the television once you input the proper remote codes. Another good thing about this product is that it comes with physical buttons so that if you misplace or break your remote control you can still operate the converter box, The antenna interface is much better and it comes with a smart antenna port so that it can be used with a smart antenna to get a better and more consistent signal. If you need to used the closed captioning it also comes with adjustable closed captioning that can be setup in three different languages.

Features & Specs 

V-Chip Parental Lock
Closed Captioning - Adjustable
Electronic Programming TV Guide
Smart Antenna Port
Trilingual Language Support (English, Spanish, French)
Works soomthly with All 18 ATSC Formats
Composite Video
75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack
Sleep Timer

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
Owners Manual


  1. I have the DTA 1080D and after you turn it off I have to reprogram all the chanels again. I think maybe its something I doing wrong . Can some one help me with this problem?

  2. I have a DTA 1080 and I lost the remote how do I go about getting a new one and how much is it.


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