Coship N9900T Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

The Coship N9900T is out of stock at most retailers and you will have to find something else to suit your needs. It was missing a ton of key features so that fact that it is out of production is a good thing. It looks like they will be coming out with a newer version very soon that will have some added features that will allow their product to compete better with the best boxes on the market.

This product has been updated to both the Coship N9901T and Coship N9988T.

Product Details: The picture on this guy is pretty good but it's not quite up there with the very best. It's just a step below, which is still a massively huge improvement over analog signaling picture quality. Audio quality is also pretty good, but that's something every company has nailed so that doesn't help it to stand out at all from other converters.

Buttons on the box that allow for full operation are a nice convenience for quick use when the remote isn't handy. A program guide makes it much easier to sit down and see what is currently airing and what is expected to show next, rather than simply guessing or having to spend time on each channel as you did before the days of digital TV. A remote is include but it's not universal. As far as languages goes you can set it to either french, english, or spanish for operation and closed captioning.converter box comes with on box buttons that are useful if you happen to lose your remote control.

It does not come with two key features, the ability to work with a smart antenna, or analog pass-through. Missing these features is a huge blow to our rating of this box. It's price has been all over the place from $40-$65 depending on the retailer. If you can get it for the low end it wouldn't be the worst buy, but still, there are better options out there.

Features & Specs

Government Certified And Coupon Eligible For The $40 Off
Displays All 18 ATSC Formats - Works With All Digital Signaling
Composite Video Out
Stereo Out
Sleep Timer
Electronic Program Guide - Your Own On Screen TV GUide
Configurable Closed Captioning
Parental Controls

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries
Manual For Users

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