Venturer STB7766G Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Venturer actually makes a pretty good box here but it is out of stock, as is the case with what seems like all boxes everywhere. It amazes us that retailers and manufacturers can't keep converter boxes in stock when there is so much money to be made.

Product Details: Reports and are look at this have shown that it provides viewers with "2nd tier" picture quality. This means that it is a slight, small step below the picture quality of the brand on the market but is still way better than analog quality. When watching in HD there are some slight but obvious flaws. The quality of the audio it puts out is very good just like all others we have looked at.

It is one of only a few that we have seen that comes with auto aspect ratio. This allows the box to switch the aspect ratio for each channeling depending on how it is being broadcasts, rather than the user have to change the setting for each channel. It has a below average to average programming guide that gives views a few details but not everything you'd hope to see. It can auto scan with or manually tune changes in conjunction with the signal strength guide. A a final note we'll point out that it does not come with analog pass-through or a universal remote control.

This converter box is pretty good but one we don't recommend. The only major feature it is lacking is analog pass-through but this is a big one.
Venturer STB7766G

Features & Specs

Government Certified Coupon Eligible Converter Box
18 ATSC Formats At Accepted
Composite Video And Stereo Out
Electronic Program Guide
Parental Lock/Control Settings

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter box
Remote Control
Full Owners Manual


  1. Mark Brice- University Park, MDMay 20, 2009 at 1:04 PM

    Venturer STB7766G Digital Converter Box: Stay away. Works fine when it works, but the power supply that comes with it fails easily. Our first one failed after a few weeks of use, and now our escond one (identical unit) Is starting to fail. This is a lemon.

  2. This d converter DOES come w a remote so y do u have written that is doesnt ?

    I want to but this bc after the $40 coupon it will cost just $5. Plus it has a remote which is great bc we lost the remote to this tv( i have a symphonic tv dvd vcr. It was built in Mar03. If only I had waited just 1 yr it would have a digital tuner, MAN !). If I understand correctly from the coverter box is how the channels must be changed right? So we wont have to annoyingly push the buttons on the tv.

    But you dont reccoment it :(

    @Mark Brice Univ Pk MD
    If the 1st 1 that u bought want good but a 2nd 1 from the same manufacturer?

  3. This converter box is available at Target. It says RCA on the upc. It now comes with the analog pass-through.

    A note to lilkunta it does come with a remote just NOT a universal remote(one that you can program to your t.v.)

  4. Uses 9 volt external power supply. Can be used with a DC computer power supply for mobile DTV. I use it this way with a portable analog TV. Has the LG chipset so it is as sensitive as the good ones.

  5. I purchased 2 of these with the coupons and 1 year later both if them are dead, why would they even sell inferior products, I don't understand. The people that purchase these cannot afford cable and the coupons were made to help these people, now I guess they are just out of luck and cant watch tv at all. I will never purchase anything that is made by this company, just trying to cheat the consumer.

  6. I just purchased one of these at Target (not sure why they still sell them). The remote is too small and there isn't any Program Guide even for one hour ahead. Emailed them and they said that this unit was just an introductory model (Then why is sit still available after one year of the digital switchover)? Some of the buttons on the remote must be pressed several times before they activate that function. The picture and sound on my TV is excellent, but with the wonky remote and no EPG, I can't recommend this box...especially now that I know it has been discontinued which wasn't mentioned in the reply to my email.

  7. all the first converters no matter witch brand are poor they pushed the converter to market too fast didnt care about quailty just to get converters to custamers now we pay the price of poor quilty converters and when we replace converters we get beetter converter now that they know thwe problem


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