GoodMind DTA1000 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

As with a lot of others this converter box has been reported to have various reception issues. This is not uncommon and is not a product of the converter boxes functionality and quality. Instead people need to realize that it is normal for an antenna to be used with a converter box in order to get all channels in your area and even sometimes results in picking up extra channels from far away.

Product Details: If picture quality isn't the most important thing then maybe this one is for you. However, we are of the opinion that the quality of your display is far and away the most important thing to consider when making our purchase. This one just isn't there yet, and we saw its picture as extremely average. Is it better than standard analog quality, yes, of course it is. But what isn't? The reality though is that it's not that much better than analog reception and that doesn't impress us one bit. Of course as with all boxes, when watching HD is steps its game up and provides a great picture, but very few over-the-air channels provide HD at this point in time. Great sound quality, no issues there, but that is the case with every single converter box we have reviewed outside of maybe 2 of them.

It comes with a great TV channel guide that allows users see all sorts of good information about currently running and future shows. It also comes with the ability to individually tune channels so that you can make sure and get all of your channels set correctly. It also has a smart antenna connection that allows you to set the antenna direction to a different spot for each channel. Then, when you change channels the antenna adjust to allow you to pick that channel up from the previously stored configuration. It is however missing pass-through, a remote that works universally, and the ability to automatically set the aspect ratio between one of three settings.

For reasons listed above we didn't find it to be one we would recommend and then we saw the price tag of $70 and were pretty shocked. It is nearly double the price of some TV converter boxes that blow it out of the water. I simply cannot recommend this one to anybody and don't see why you would purchase it unless you were simply and clearly uninformed.

Features & Specs
Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
Smart Antenna Port
English, French, and Spanish Language Support

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
User Manual
Attached Power Cord

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