Digital Stream DSP7700P Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

This product has sold out must before the digital transition is set to take place. You can no longer find this box and major retailers, there are a few websites that may have it in stock but it won't be around for long. This box is average at best and is not one that we would recommend. If you want to find a better converter boxes see all of our reviews or considering jumping straight to our three favorites, the Dish Network DTVPalChannel Master CM-7000, or Tivax STB-T8.

Product Details: The quality of picture that you get with this box isn't really all that great. It's better than over-the-air analog in most cases but there is an obvious flaw to the picture when watching standard definition content. There is a blur and images appear to look like they have been stretch across the screen. It's audio is pretty good though and comes through very clearly.

It comes with a universal remote control that can be used for your converter box and your television by entering the specific remote codes for your TV. You get physical buttons on the box so that you can still use it if there is some sort of issue with your remote. The best thing we can find about it is that it comes with analog pass-through, although this is sort of an after thought these days and nearly all boxes in stock have this feature now. The programming guide provide onscreen by this Digital Stream converter allows you to get detailed programming information for currently airing shows and shows that are set to show within the next 6-12 hours. Multi-language support and closed captioning that can be adjust are two other convenient features you get.

It does not come with smart antenna capabilities.

This is an ok TV converter box. The addition of analog pass-through goes a long way in making it more complete. It currently sells at an expensive $79.99 or $39.99 after using your government coupon, which is actually a pretty bad deal. You can find $40-$50 boxes that are quite a bit better.

Other specifications:

Government Certified Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB)
18 ATSC Formats - Works with all ATSC signals
Composite Video Jack
Stereo Audio Jacks
75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack (Coaxial Cable)
Sleep Timer

What comes in the box?

2 AAA Batteries
User's Manual
Universal Remote Control


  1. I got one of these DSP7700Ps and was unable to even turn it on. The supplied cable was damaged (the prong was defectively manufactured), but I had a spare coax cable. The remote failed to turn on the device, and inexplicably, the device's initial setup menu cannot be manipulated by the buttons on the actual box. So no remote = no functionality whatsoever.

    Build quality was just plain awful.

  2. Consumer Reports disagrees with you, ranking it as providing better-than-analog picture quality. I ordered one for less than $50 (including shipping). It also has many good features, such as a universal remote, and the ability to be operated without a remote (in case you lose it) and an over-the-air programming guide that lists the next several hours of programs ... and the ability to understand all 18 ATSC formats. Digital Stream is also a manufacturer of pretty darn good and very cost-effective amateur radio equipment.

  3. Where are these buttons? Mine is stuck on set up!

  4. I just purchased the dig. stream p7700 and yet to establish an opinion but when I openned up box I discovered there was no installation guide. Can someone help me out here ?


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