General Electric GE 23333 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Product Details: The GE 23333 comes with an electronic program guide that is very good. In fact it is one of the best program guides available, showing information for shows that are more than 24 hours away from showing. It also comes with a smart antenna port capabilities. This analog digital tv converter box also comes with analog pass-through. This analog digital converter is also one of those that has on box buttons for easy use without the remote. Finally, this digital TV converter box comes with adjustable closed captioning and three different language settings (English, Spanish, and French).

This digital TV converter box doesn't come with a universal remote control.

GE 23333 Features & Specs

Government Certified Coupon Eligible Converter Box
Displays All 18 ATSC Formats
Analog Pass-Through
Smart Antenna Port
Composite Video Jack
Stereo Audio Jacks
75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack (Coaxial Cable)
Sleep Timer
Electronic Program Guide
Configurable Closed Captioning
Parental Controls

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

GE 23333 converter box
Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries


  1. My GE Smart Digital Converter Box does not work after using only nine months. I am not getting any response from Jasco on a replacement. It is sad that there wasn't any opportunity for a review on converter boxes before they were forced on the general public that have useful older televisions they did not want to dump into the landfills. Companies have been able to profit from this government program, too.

  2. We used this box for about a year before it died. It was surge protected on the power side and the TV signal side but I guess we couldn't protect it from itself. Now it just sits there and responds to nothing but the power cable--neither the buttons on the box work nor the remote. The screen is black but the power button is on. We liked the menus but we're back in the market...

  3. I was removing from a TV to use on a different one ( we finally broke down and bought a HDTV) and when I was removing the "TV OUT" cable, the piece attached to the converter box broke right off. Now I have a useless piece of equipment and I don't know what to do with it. I tried to contact GE before but they never responded to some issues I was having. I was never able to get a lot of channels with this box like I was with the other brand I purchased.

  4. Bought this device with a coupon code... didn't even have it for a year and it died all of a sudden. This is the second one I've had and to replace it would cost $30 might as well buy a new one (diff brand) worked for about an hour earlier today.... moved it into a different room and the power light wouldn't turn on!


  6. I find the GE converter box a pain that it keeps resetting it self. I wish i would have gotten a different converter box. i know someone who had a different 1 and that one work a lot better!


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