Alpha Digital AT2016 Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Surprise surprise another top rated TV converter box that is sold out. Yep, this is one that we highly recommended but it has sold out before the digital transition deadline is upon us. In fact, it's not even close and these are gone already. If you are interested in other great converter boxes as an alternative you should consider the Dish Network DTVPal Plus. It is the best one that we have reviewed to date and comes from a reputable company with a long standing name in the television industry.

Product Details: Alpha Digital, like some other brands we have looked at is a rather obscure brand with a very short and unknown reputation within the industry. Did this company just create a box to make some quick money off those that are forced to make the switch or was their box any good? We were again surprised when we took a look at their box and found it to be up super high quality. It appears to be a pattern that the large brands have rushed out inferior converter boxes and these smaller companies are actually creating a good product. This products picture quality was of extremely high quality. It is way better than what you get with analog airwaves and is only beat out by 2-3 others that we reviewed up to this point. It's dang near DVD quality. The audio quality is also extremely good, of course you have to have good television speakers but if your TV is up to par you will be more than happy with the sound this puts out. At a price of around $50 it is also very reasonably and fairy priced. If you use your coupon you can get it for right at $10 through most retailers. We think it's a great buy and have no problem recommending it.

Of course before you decide it's important to know what features it comes with as well. It comes with the standard TV guide that provides everything you would expect about the current show, but nothing over the top. It's upcoming info isn't great but is acceptable, if not substandard. One feature that we haven't seen to date is its ability to work with a smart antenna. Smart antennas work better than a traditional antenna and help you to get a better signal. It also comes with the scan for all and individual tuning options, closed captioning, and some parental control functions. And last but not least it comes with the on screen signal strength meter for tuning and a remote control. Note: This DTV converter box does not come with analog pass-through.

The AT2016 is a great converter box with excellent features, as a result were about to rate it as a top of the link box but then we realized it is lacking analog pass-through which puts it firmly out of the top tier.

Alpha Digital AT2016
Features & Specs -

V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Configurable Closed Captioning
Electronic Program Guide
On Screen Signal Strength Meter
Smart Antenna Port

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Remote Control
Power Cord
Coaxial Cable For RF


  1. I wanted to try an online brand of converter box, and, after some research, decided to check out the Alpha Digital AT2016.
    C It came from in good shape and in it's own box. The at2016 has a power on/off switch for complete power down which is not seen that often. It has a metal case with vents on the sides as well as the top and bottom, very nice. It has buttons on the box to change the channels if the remote is lost, and a red/green light to indicate power. The back has a Smart antenna port, RF in/out, and the phono plugs for video and audio. The program guide shows the current and present shows for the tuned channel with info at first, but then fills in the guide for several hours after about 30 seconds or so. The remote is basic, but good even thought it IS NOT a universal remote. The lack of a universal remote is the only negative I really have about this box. It scanned all available channels in OKC (22) with simple rabbit ears. I can't wait until I can get a Smart antenna to see how well that works. I like this box quite a bit.

  2. This unit is a good sturdy box that has some nice features. The box has a metal case, very good air vents, and a hard-wired off switch to save energy. It does have a Smart antenna port and the composite plugs in back.

    The remote is not an universal version which, for me, is a little dissipointing. A box this well made, and they can't even make it turn the TV power off? Bummer.

    The guide is basic, but done well enough. The reception has not been a problem at all. Overall, a very nice box.


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