Access HD DTA1080U Digital TV Converter Box Reviews

Update: It has now sold out at nearly all locations and can no longer be purchased directly from any authorized retailers. Go check online auction sites if you are set on getting this model, it's your only real chance of finding one.

This is another box that Access HD seems to have settled on as one of their staples. A bunch of the others have gone out of stock but this one is still available at most online retailers and at a few places in stores. This box is almost exactly like the DTA1080D, in fact we aren't exactly sure what is different about it, but we're trying to find out at the moment.

Product Details: First and foremost the Access HD DTA1080U is one of the government certified/approved TV converter boxes. This means that the $40 off coupon can be applied toward its purchase. This alone makes it a decent offer when you consider the retail price of $50-$60 can be reduce to $10-$20. It's picture and sound are of no concern and measure up well to all of the other TV converter boxes we have look at to this point. It's not quite the best, but it's up there close enough that most people probably wouldn't notice the difference.

It provides it's users with a ton of awesome features. One being the electronic programming guide that shows viewers details for all current shows and for at least a few hours ahead. The universal remote is nice and allows you to set it to work for both your TV and converter box with the simple input of one of the remote codes. Actual buttons make for a nice bit of convenience if there is every a period where your remote becomes in inoperable or is misplaced. It does indeed some with  one of the most important features available, the analog pass-through function. Lastly, another good measure the company took was allowing each owner to personalized their closed captioning experience by allowing them to change font size, text, color, and language.

It unfortunately does not come with smart antenna capabilities like many of the companies other boxes.
Access HD DTA1080U
Features & Specs

V-Chip Lock Parental Control Setting
Editable Closed Captioning - Set It How You Want It To Look
Works In English, French, and Spanish
18 ATSC Formats Compatible
Composite Video Out
Stereo Out
RF Video/Audio Out Via Coaxial Cable
Basic Sleep Timer

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

Converter Box
Universal Remote Control
Remote Control Batteries


  1. I bought this box because I was interested in the Universal remote that has a button for video inputs to select. The remote will also turn off the TV, and do very basic DVD commands (play, stop, pause, menu, and that's about it).

    The guide shows the current channel only, but does cover many hours of programming. The box has a plastic case, small in size, composite plugs in back, and it has decent air vents. The picture is good. This box uses a 8.5 volt transformer for power so it can be used in a RV or whatever.

    The box I purchased did have a couple of minor problems. The auto-off function does not work at all, and I have had to reset it just a couple of times by unplugging the power. Other than that it functions just fine.

  2. I bought this box around Feb and the universal remote won't operate the HD converter!!!>??? It can operate my DVD player and TV almost right out of the box, but won't operate the convertor, very frustrating.

  3. somehow the one i have was working just fine... and now it refuses to turn on. the red stand-by light is on, but the unit will not turn on (light changes to green) either with the remote or manual power switch! i've tried unplugging to reset the unit with no luck... dang!

  4. I purchased this box and would have been happy. However, as it turned out I had several problems with it. It had difficulty picking up the stations and locking in. Difficulty turning on. Several other problems also. I contacted the company and sent the box to them. I received a letter stating that it had a manufacturing defect. in order to fix it free they needed the purchase receipt. If I was unable to produce the receipt I would need to send them $10.00 to return the broken box back to me. Unreal! Keep the receipt for petes sake. Don't be like me and not notice when your husband throws it away weeks later.

  5. the power supply output 5.5v are hard to find once they fail.i tried frys,radio shack to no avail.

  6. I purchased this box around July 2009 with no problems at all. Now today the box will not turn on at all. The red standby light is on but it won't turn green, I tried manual and remote and it won't work. WTF!

  7. I have to return this box for a refund. It worked fine for three weeks but then the picture became distorted. The sound still works on some channels. All the buttons on box and remote work properly. Most channels have black and white straight and wavy lines but the display and menu are just barely detectable on the screen if you push the buttons.

  8. HEllo. You must hold the On / off Button until the light goes green. It goes from RED to Orange then Green.

  9. HD access - DTA 1080 ** I have had this box for about a year and now I can't get any reception at all. When I first purchased the box, I could only get certain channels but I would channel search every so often then I could get more channels. If I unplugged the box, I couldn't get channels any more. To date, I haven't been able to watch tv since Thursday, November 4, 2010. It continues to say "No signal Please check antenna and connections or call 1.800.393.1246 for help". I think the whole 'switch-over' created a problem and not everyone can afford cable or satellite so we are stuck w/under performing converter boxes.

  10. Can you buy a replacement remote? My box works fine I just cant find my remote.



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